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Learn more about how digital solutions provide a more efficient and esthetic restorative option!

How do digital solutions provide better restorative options?

Thomas Balshi and Stephen Balshi explain a new technique developed due to innovative technological advances provides a better restorative solution for your clients. 


Learn more about how technological innovation has made complex cases easier!

How has digital technology helped with complex implant cases?

Don Jayne and Leon Hermanides discuss collaborating on complext implant cases with the help of digital technology.


Learn more about zirconia and implant-supported hybrid restorations!

Why is a strict protocol important?

Pinhas Adar gives an overview of the importance of protocol to ensure predictability in implant-supported solid zirconia hybrid restorations. 


Learn more about how dentist-technician teams address questions in implant dentistry!

How could implants hold for you and your lab?

Domenico Cascione, Mamaly Reshad, Victor Castro, and Wesam Salha discuss how dentist-technician teams address important questions in implant dentistry. Scroll down for the video. 


Learn more about treatment options with implant-supported restorations!

What treatment options are available for dental implants and prostheses?

Laura Andreescu explains the myriad of factors affecting implant-supported restorations and how innovations have improved outcomes. 

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