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Earn 1 CE credit learning more about zirconia!

What's in your zirconia?

Gregg Helvey dicusses that while zirconia is popular, the reliability of the material depends on specific manufacturing and processing protocols. 


Learn more about developments in zirconia materials.

What are the current developments in zirconia materials?

Jason Mazda provides an in-dept survey of developments of zirconia, as the demand from dentists and labs have increased the momentum of zirconia manufacturing. 


Learn more about millable materials and restorative dentistry!

How much do you know about millable materials and restorative dentistry?

Alan Jurim and Barbara Jurim provide an overview of millable materials, the milling process, and what developments mean for dentists and dental labs alike. 


Learn more about Celtra Press and restorations!

How does Celtra Press provide optimal results?

Edwin Kee provides an overview of Celtra Press with a step-by-step production of restorations. 


Learn more about what these dental professionals say about zirconia selection!

How has developments in zirconia impacted your selection?

Alan Jurim and Adrian Jurim discuss how zirconia, especially translucent varieties, have played a role in their decision-making process in choosing zirconia. 

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